Yoga Teacher / Life Catalyst

Customized Yoga Practices

Andrea creates customized yoga practices for individuals and groups to consciously, physically and energetically put one’s intentions into motion. Her classes, workshops and retreats are designed to reconnect you to your own wisdom through your body’s expressions, your emotional responses and your mind’s dialogue between anxiety and true understanding. These sessions are more than yoga, they give you the tools to live without hesitation or self-diminishment, to recognize who you truly are, and to live the life you were born to live.

Andrea has a long list of clients that include entrepreneurs, CEOs, super moms, celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists, you name it! As a multi-faceted individual who owns her own businesses, is a musician, dancer, and artist, she can relate to wide variety of clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Andrea works with clients in person in Los Angeles and Ojai, CA, and all over the world via phone & Skype to support individuals who are ready to manifest their intentions and live their lives as the fullest expression of who they are.


“The daily stresses of life melt away when mind meets body under the tender care and guidance of Andrea Brook. Andrea’s well-schooled approach to yoga bridges a perennial gap between our love affair with life’s ever complicated embodiment of emotional drama and the physical consequences. Her customized yoga practices tap into energetic conditions and provide a much needed path to the release of mental and physical congestion. Where therapy ends Andrea begins. Enjoy the journey.”

 Jeremy Dee, CEO of Corporate Realty Associates

Corporate Yoga & Retreats

 Corporate Yoga:

Recognizing the incredible value of the clarity and motivation that comes from working with Andrea, her clients hire her to support their business partners and employees and creative a conscious environment for success on all levels. Andrea can help your company to reduce stress, stay healthy both mentally and physically, and have an amazing positive company ethos that grows your company as a whole and all of the individuals within it.



Andrea’s retreats are extraordinary! Each one is a transformational journey specifically designed for the participants, from CEOs of multinational companies on Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands to 24 hour reset retreats at her home in Ojai, CA. Contact Andrea to join the journey.


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Yoga for Back Health & Yoga for Families

Yoga for Total Back Health

Andrea understands the impact of back pain on the ability to enjoy one’s life on all levels. Having fractured her back as a teenager, her L5 vertebrae fell inward and fused together with her sacrum. A web of scar tissue formed throughout her back and buttocks that limited her movement and caused enormous pain. For 10 years, she avoided physical exercise and turned to drugs and alcohol to manage that pain. In 1995, Andrea discovered that through the powerful practice of yoga, she could heal her back and her life. Of course the L5 vertebrae will always have holes in it and be fused to her sacrum, however Andrea no longer feels that she has a back problem and instead lives a dynamic and active lifestyle that she loves. Through her own healing process as well as working with others who have suffered from major back trauma to minor back imbalances, Andrea can you support you to not only improve physically, she is dedicated to your total back health by helping you to address the mental, emotional and physical habit patterns that may cause or exacerbate the pain.

Yoga for Families

 Yoga is an extraordinary practice to support families on a multitude of levels. Andrea teaches not only the physical practice, to keep everyone healthy, flexible and strong, she also introduces and encourages intention setting, conscious awareness not only of one’s self but also family members, focus, compassion, understanding, communication, deep breathing and meditation. And all of this is done in a playful manner that is fun and fulfilling for the whole family.

Sonic Butterfly is based on the concept of transformation, like the butterfly, re-creating ourselves into the full expression of who we truly are with all of our beauty shining. These transformational experiences are more than performances, as they engage the audience, inviting them to be participants, allowing them to transcend limitation and inspiring their truth, their creativity, their authentic self to fly.

Sonic Butterfly is an incredible addition to festivals and events. In addition to performances, Sonic Butterfly Yoga takes you on a vibrational, rhythmic, physical, energetic and conscious journey of transformation, combining the unique teaching style of yoga teacher, Andrea Brook, with the exquisite music of Sonic Butterfly. The ascending overtones and healing harmonics of long string vibrations provide the perfect soundtrack for the yoga practice, as they transmute and sublimate one’s energy to promote physical/energetic health and creative inspiration.