Please enjoy this selection of videos in the slider including Butterfly Nature solo Sonic Butterfly performance, the Multi-Media trio with projections, Blue Cocoon trio, and the full band Kaleidoscope. For more videos, please visit the Performance page and Ojai Cocoon Performances / Guest Artist Series page on this website, as well as Andrea’s YouTube Channel.

Sonic Butterfly is a 26 string acoustic, chromatic, long-string harp designed by Andrea Brook. The strings are at minimum 60ft long and span out over the audience, transforming indoor and outdoor theaters, buildings, and natural environments into a stunning immersive musical instrument. “It’s like being inside YoYo Ma’s cello.” The 2 resonating chambers have butterfly-shaped projection screen or LED wings creating a visual, musical experience. Sonic Butterfly is available for solo, duet, trio, multimedia, and full band performances as well workshops and is an innovative and extraordinary option for performing arts centers, festivals, corporate events, private parties, weddings and dance clubs.


Sonic Butterfly ~ Psyche is a Performing Arts Center show written by Andrea Brook about the spirit’s journey through the human experience. Psyche is a dream, a continuous story from beginning to end.

The Sonic Butterfly ~ Psyche album is available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

You can also order a CD by email.

Psyche is a gift to the soul, the senses and the breath. An experience very thoughtfully composed and delightfully immersive. Andrea Brook has arrived to a platform of musical excellence integrated with lively experimentation that only a seasoned musician can achieve. A collaboration of award winning musical talents join her as she explores what is Psyche.” Lesley Laine