Projection Wings & LED Wall

LED Wings By Swig Miller – Photo by Chris Gilbert

Sonic Butterfly is an acoustic, chromatic, long-string chromatic harp designed by Andrea Brook. The resonating chambers with butterfly wing shaped projection screens, “projection wings,” or LED wings, have 2 full octaves and the strings are at minimum 60ft long. All 26 strings expand out over the audience, creating a full sensory experience. Sonic Butterfly is available for Solo, Duet, Multi-Media  and Full Band Performances, as well as Yoga and Dance Workshops.

To experience more of Sonic Butterfly, please visit the Sonic Butterfly Productions Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and Instagram Page.

Please view the Sonic Butterfly Installation Video, request a Tech Rider, and set up a Tech Call to understand the necessary requirements for staging, sound, lighting and installation.
Check out this great article and photos from the Des Moines Register documenting the 200ft installation to the Des Moines Civic Center.


Andrea Brook is an international performing artist, yoga teacher/life catalyst and public speaker. As a musician and installation artist, Andrea has toured since 2001, presenting visually and sonically stunning performances and transforming architecture and natural environments into large-scale musical instruments, including the Coliseum in Rome, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Temple at Burning Man and the Grand Theater in Shanghai. In 2013, Andrea began Sonic Butterfly Productions to unite her talents. She designed her own long-string harp, Sonic Butterfly, to spread her wings and fly.