Sonic Butterfly ~ Psyche is a Performing Arts Center show written by Andrea Brook about the spirit’s journey through the human experience. Psyche is a dream, a continuous story from beginning to end.

The Sonic Butterfly ~ Psyche album is available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

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Psyche is a gift to the soul, the senses and the breath. An experience very thoughtfully composed and delightfully immersive. Andrea Brook has arrived to a platform of musical excellence integrated with lively experimentation that only a seasoned musician can achieve. A collaboration of award winning musical talents join her as she explores what is Psyche.” Lesley Laine

Interview with Andrea Brook – Face the Current Magazine – Summer 2019 – Photo by Chris Ward @awardagency
Mercado Pago video – Festival de Natal – São Paulo Brazil – December 2019
Modern Luxury Magazine – San Diego, CA, May, 2017 ~ Photo by Tom Hardy –
Brazil’s biggest tv news Jornal Nacional – Natal Illumindo – São Paulo Brazil – December 2019

San Francisco Classical Voice

“But then there was the wonderful long-string harp  — referred to as the “Sonic Butterfly” — created and performed by Andrea Brook. Like a magician, Brook stroked electronically sensitized strings that stretched the entire length of the performance space, causing melodic pulsations that added a magical dimension.” Jim Farber

Sonic Butterfly in the Ojai Valley Guide Magazine
Two amazing double page spreads in the Spring 2020 Edition. Thank you Ellen Sklarz and the Ojai Valley Guide. Sonic Butterfly article can be found on pages 92-95.

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