Sonic Butterfly is the ultimate corporate event entertainment. The instrument and the performance will amaze your audience offering them a unique experience that they will never forget. A Sonic Butterfly performance can range from a solo installation, performer, and performance, to a duet or trio background music for a dinner or cocktail party, or a full ensemble, multi-day, multi-media spectacle. A variety of musical accompaniment is available including guitar, bass, drums, violin, vocals, keyboard, flute, chapman stick, dj and more. In addition, stunning visual projections can be added to take this extraordinary performance to yet another level. Andrea Brook has 16 years of experience working with corporate clients to create the perfect presentation for your event and budget.

“Having Sonic Butterfly perform during our event created a truly unique experience for our clients, one which they have never seen before. The beautiful harp performance was a perfect fit for the Rolls-Royce brand.” Modern Luxury Magazine

Drew Hollowell, La Jolla Brand Manager, Rolls-Royce

“The three days of performances of SONIC BUTTERFLY for the corporate event MC2 produced for an audience of 4,000 each night could not have been more successful!  The Sonic Butterfly Ensemble exceeded all exceptions on all counts. Collaborative, respectful of our audience, and deeply dependable, all while maintaining artistic integrity.  A home run on every level!”
Mark Rubinsky, Executive Producer, MC2

The Sonic Butterfly is visually stunning and thought provoking. Mix that with amazing music and beautiful artistry and you will be astounded. Andrea and her talented team were extremely easy to work with and her ability to quickly adapt to the many changes, made for a seamless production. Andrea’s music and electrifying stage presence resonated with the audience in a way that intrigued many and entertained them all.”

Christian Gilbert, Sr. Account Executive  MC2

“Andrea, thank you for a remarkable show at the Lincoln Concept Car Launch. The guests were mesmerized by the musical performance and you made the evening experience spectacular!”

Jeffry Roick, McNabb Roick Events

“Sonic Butterfly is the perfect entertainment… larger than life to impress people who have seen it all before!”

Rob Sandolowich, VP, Westbury National Show Systems Ltd.

“Andrea Brook has an inspired imagination, is a great collaborator with a sensitivity to detail, and exhibits the highest level of professionalism.
A Sonic Butterfly performance will enhance any special event or production.”
 Paul Guzzone, Triple Z Music