Andrea is a yoga teacher,

spiritual counselor and life coach…





Andrea is a yoga teacher,

spiritual counselor and life coach…






Andrea Brook is an international performing artist, yoga teacher/life catalyst and public speaker.
Ojai InhaleAndrea began the incredible life practices of yoga and meditation in 1995. Having broken her back as a girl, she recognized that yoga was the perfect practice to support her in rehabilitating her back and living a dynamic and active lifestyle. Andrea began as an Astanga Yoga practitioner and started teaching yoga in 1998, after studying in Mysore, India with the Guru of Astanga Yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Andrea returned to India in 2000 to study Integral Yoga in Rishikesh, India with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, and then continued her studies with the world renowned Thich Nhat Hahn, to deepen her practice of mindfulness meditation. Throughout the decades, she has continued to study and practice many styles of yoga including kundalini, Jivamukti, vinyasa (flow), and restorative yoga, as well as meditation and breathing techniques, with amazing teachers all over the world. Andrea’s teaching style incorporates the wealth of her experience, and the expansiveness of her studies gives her the ability to offer each student exactly what they need to support them to cultivate the lives they truly want.

Andrea has led workshops and retreats around the world including Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, the Omega Institute, the TED Conference, and festivals including Wanderlust, Burning Man, Symbiosis, the Envision Festival in Costa Rica and so many more.

0005764841_10As a musician and installation artist, Andrea has toured since 2001, presenting visually and sonically stunning performances and transforming architecture and natural environments into large scale musical instruments, including the Coliseum in Rome, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Temple at Burning Man and the Grand Theater in Shanghai.

In 2013, Andrea began Sonic Butterfly Productions to unite her talents. She designed her own long-string harp, Sonic Butterfly, with 26 strings that are at minimum 60ft long and expand out on each side of the performer and over the audience. The 2 resonating chambers look like butterfly wings complete with Projection or LED Light wings.




Andrea creates customized yoga practices for individuals and groups to consciously, physically and energetically put one’s intentions into motion. Her classes, workshops and retreats are designed to reconnect you to your own wisdom through your body’s expressions, your emotional responses and your mind’s dialogue between anxiety and true understanding, to assist you to live without hesitation or fear, and to own the tool of yoga to support you to have your own daily yoga practice.

Andrea has a long list of clients that include entrepreneurs, CEOs, super moms, celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists, and you name it! As a multi-faceted individual who owns her own businesses, is a dancer, musician, artist, etc., she can relate to wide variety of clients of all ages and backgrounds.



As a performer and Associate Director of the performing arts company, MASS Ensemble, Andrea toured internationally with the Earth Harp from 2001 – 2013, presenting visually and sonically stunning performances around the world: including the Temple at Burning Man, the Coliseum in Rome, the Space Needle in Seattle, and the Grand Theater in Shanghai.

Andrea brought her two passions together to create Sonic Butterfly Yoga. Sonic Butterfly Yoga takes you on a vibrational, rhythmic, physical, energetic and conscious journey of transformation, combining the unique teaching style of yoga teacher, Andrea Brook, with the exquisite music of Sonic Butterfly. Sonic Butterfly is a 26 string long-string instrument designed and built by Andrea Brook and Javad Hashemi. The resonating chambers look like butterfly wings with two full octaves of strings radiating out on each side of the performer. The ascending overtones and healing harmonics of long string vibrations provide the perfect soundtrack for the yoga practice, as they transmute and sublimate one’s energy to promote physical/energetic health and creative inspiration.



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