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Sonic Butterfly Yoga


Sonic Butterfly Yoga takes you on a vibrational, rhythmic, physical, energetic and conscious journey of transformation, combining the unique teaching style of yoga teacher, Andrea Brook, with the exquisite music of Sonic Butterfly. Sonic Butterfly is a 26 string long-string instrument designed and built by Andrea Brook and Javad Hashemi. The resonating chambers look like butterfly wings with two full octaves of strings radiating out on each side of the performer. The ascending overtones and healing harmonics of long string vibrations provide the perfect soundtrack for the yoga practice, as they transmute and sublime one’s energy to promote physical/energetic health and creative inspiration. Visit Sonic Butterfly Productions’ Sonic Butterfly Yoga page.


10400293_6856765975_9489_nIn these workshops, yoga students of all levels will learn the nature and components of our energetic system, postures, and practices to align our energy and bring us back to balance, and the tools to design daily yoga practices that directly address the needs of the practitioner and encourage healing and joy.

Choose from half day to four day workshops:

Half day Workshop: 3.5 hours
• Energy and the Chakras lecture
• Fundamental Components of each Chakra lecture/discussion
• One Yoga Practice that incorporates postures for all of the Chakras

Full Day or Two Half Days: 7 hours
• Energy and the Chakras lecture
• In-depth exploration of each Chakra’s Components lecture/discussion
• Postures and Practices for each Chakra (30 min ea Chakra)

Two Full Days or Four Half days: 14 Hours
• All of the Information from a 7 hour Workshop plus
• Translating the language of the body, mind and spirit lecture/discussion
• Creating practices that address our truth and bring us back to balance
(discussion and practice)

Chakra Beats Dance Party
• Yoga Dance that explores
• Chakras and their Elements
• The Rhythm of the Chakras
• Can be added to any length workshop

3. Playing with Arm Balancing

Headstands, handstands & arm balancing! This workshop is based on the experience and expression of JOY, and the playfulness that emerges. We will practice how to prepare, understand and ultimately accomplish these fabulous “tricks,” as well as to create dynamic sequencing that is a joyful expression of your body and spirit.


Sonic Butterfly Yoga Workshops…
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Sonic Butterfly Yoga