are the people in our communities, who inspire us to be all that we are, by living their truth in a way that is absolutely extraordinary and everyday. They are business owners, teachers, artists, parents, everyone who is dedicated to their purpose in the world.

I invite you to nominate the people who inspire you. Please email me ( their name, a photo that captures their essence, a brief bio, your name, and a link or two to their website and/or social media.

I would be honored to add them to this list.


Nominated by Lyvonne Klinger

Rebekah Parr is a certified Usui-Tibetan Reiki & Karuna® Master-Teacher; Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor; Shamanic Practictioner; Applied Kinesiology Practitioner; and former Counselor Advocate and
Crisis Intervention Trainer for Peace Over Violence. She teaches
meditation and dreamwork. Rebekah is also CFO and Board member of Dharma
Kitchen, a food education and distribution non-profit committed to
providing the Venice community with vegan meals & healthy food
choices. But, to me she is simply pure love, humor & light. She must
have thought she was sculpted from clay before she knew she was a true

Rebekah resides in North Hollywood, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Leslie Solmes is a woman far ahead of her time. She has been in the energy efficiency field for 40 years, wrote a text book entitled ENERGY EFFICIENCY: REAL TIME ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT AND RISK MANAGEMENT published by Springer, was named 1998 Energy Service Professional of the Year and Legend in Energy by the Association of Energy Engineers, and created Opportunity AssessmentTM energy investment methodology and Opassess software application.

Leslie Solmes lives in Kerikeri, New Zealand, and Mill Valley, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Onyay Pheori is a vocalist, violinist, song writer, producer, recording and performing artist, actress and healer. Onyay began a 7 Year Quest called 33 Muses in 2005, traveling to sacred sites, tuning into the world around her to hear the essence of each being and location. Her music explores love, awakening, light, communion, angelic realms, other dimensions, freedom, illusion, consciousness, the peaks, and the valleys and the journey of being human in a forever changing world.

Onyay Pheori is based out Los Angeles, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Alarra Saress is a composer, singer, sound designer, songwriter, and sacred sound ceremonialist. Alarra’s passion is to aid each individual toward the fullest possible expression of their unique purpose. She has cultivated a multi-layered approach towards healing through the intentional and technically gifted use of touch, voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, and most notably gongs. Alarra founded Harmonic Earth – a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization committed to providing sacred space environments for the performance and education of the healing arts.

Alarra Saress lives in Ojai, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

akka b. starts fires and walks away. Exposing her own process of Self-exploration, she has inspired countless people worldwide to engage the nuances of their life, activate creativity and reignite wonder. She teaches, she speaks, she makes, she writes, she shares, but mostly she shows…you how to get to “knowing” through not knowing and how to live more, by letting go and letting grow.

akka b. lives in Ojai, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Tory Elena is a Southern California based artist whose work is a snapshot of visions born from her dreams of night and day. As a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor, and installation artist – art expands beyond a career to her very way of life. Bridging the worlds of sight and sound, Tory Elena explores synesthesia as drummer, vocalist, and composer in the band Sea at Last

Tory Elena lives in Ventura, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Sarah Mehler is the founder of Left Field Labs, a creative agency based on the understanding that technology is pushing humanity towards a new era of art, culture, and commerce. Their approach is not only to achieve a business goal, but also to bring technology more into harmony with the human experience. Their mission is to positively influence those who interact with the projects they design and build.

Sarah Mehler lives in Topanga, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Marques Wyatt is the Founder and Creative Conduit of Deep LA. LLC. DEEP is nothing short of a phenomenon driving the dance music scene in Los Angeles and beyond. DEEP has become a ritual for its most dedicated followers. It is not a place to see and be seen, but to love and be loved. It is not a place for judgment, but acceptance. A place for freedom and the life force borne of the unseen collective energy that comes from deep within and blossoms in the presence of like minds freed by soul-release.

Marques Wyatt lives in Venice, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Chrysta Bell is a performing and recording artist as well as an actress who incorporates dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into unforgettable performance experiences. At age 21 she had a fateful meeting with legendary artist David Lynch, and the two began a lasting musical partnership. Of the chanteuse, David Lynch has said, “The first time I saw her perform, I thought she was like an alien. The most beautiful alien ever.” The two have released multiple albums together, and Chrysta Bell is Special Agent Tammy Preston on the 2017 Season of Twin Peaks.

Chrysta Bell lives in Oakland, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Sepideh Kashanian is the Co-founder at Dharma Kitchen and Executive Chef/Owner at MotherOrganica. Dharma Kitchen is a grassroots food education nonprofit committed to giving the people of Venice healthy food & a sense of community. More than simply serving food, it is a hands-on protest against the violence of poverty and hunger. MotherOrganica is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, a lifestyle that promotes the perpetual well-being of ourselves and our planet. Food is a catalyst.

Sepideh Kashanian lives in Venice, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Zhena Muzyka is the founder of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, publisher of Enliven Books, host of CBS Radio podcast: Change Maker, and a Certified Business & Life Coach with 2 beautiful children and a passion for inspiring people to find their mission! Success is no longer about winning, it’s about integrating and succeeding on your personal goals while preserving nature, building community, and engaging consciously with the infinite potential you are. Success is realizing that all roads lead to love. Life on earth is Love in Detail, and to express our love through intentional action that uplifts, heals and changes the world is what we’re about here.

Zhena Muzyka lives in Ojai, CA.



Nominated by Andrea Brook

Niekko Chin is a Masterful Creator, Mystic, Seeker, Entertainer, Inventor, Adventurer. He is the founder of Cirque USA and produces shows for major corporations and live shows for theme parks. Niekko’s creative and original concepts have earned him the reputation of an industry trendsetter. Niekko also created the Zen Awakening Festival, using the endless energy of unconditional love, the festival is committed to individual transformation and awakening all of our full potential, by being a beneficial presence on the planet.

Niekko Chin lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Christine Raven is the Founder of LuckyStar Wellness. Her company’s primary goal is to inspire others into self healing and express the resounding message that we are all born healers. The purpose of living is to inspire each other into greatness, our goal is to share conscious living practices that have often been forgotten for many generations. Through the rise of our consciousness we can truly heal any disease, cure any ailment, and balance the human organism into greatness.

Christine Raven lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Myk Likhov is CEO of Modern OM, a company that brings mindfulness into your daily. life. Myk is an entrepreneur and widely recognized expert in the wellness industry. He’s the Wharton MBA that pursued his passion to start a yoga company called Green Monkey. Myk’s goal for Modern OM is to build a big beautiful company that raises the vibration of the world, even if just a little bit.

Myk Likhov lives in Miami, FL.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Christine Steele is Creative Director at Steele Pictures Studios, specializing in the art and science of moving pictures. She is the Director at The Mosaic of Life, Director/Producer at Take Me Home Huey and Author at LinkedIn Learning. Christine Steele brings 25 years of experience in media creation, communication and education to every collaboration.

Christine Steele lives in Los Angesles, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Philippe Caland is a producer and writer, known for Ripple Effect (2007), Boxing Helena (1993) and Repentance (2013). Philippe is also the founder of EarthWE, whose mission is to expand the good deeds and good causes culture of the world in every creative way we can, including by celebrating it and helping to finance it. EarthWE seeks to facilitate – and also to promote publicly on a large scale – the Good Deeds of donating, volunteerism, mentoring, social activism and other forms of positive action to help others and society.

Philippe Caland lives in Los Angesles, CA.


Nominated by Andrea Brook

Dr. Tanya Pergola is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher, community development orchestrator and Healing Safari guide. She is the founder of Terrawatu, a humanitarian organization based in Tanzania, East Africa that has been uplifting the lives of indigenous people for almost 20 years. She is the author of Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai which won a Nautilus Book Award. She leads workshops and retreats around the world integrating the ancient wisdom and practices of yoga, meditation, and conscious living with the cutting-edge science of modern social psychology. Dr. Tanya inherited the role of healer from her ancestors, and she has found a beautiful way to share this gift as a bridge-builder across the globe.

Dr. Tanya lives in Miami, Florida, USA.


Nominated by Tanya Pergola

Tamalyn Dallal was crowned “Miss America of the Bellydance” in 1995. She has performed and/or taught in 43 countries, has written three books, produced two music
CD’s of Africa’s oldest band, the “Ikhwan Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar” and currently films ethnological dance documentaries. Her book They Told Me I Couldn’t describes her decision to “quit her day job” and make her livelihood traveling the world performing and teaching bellydance. Today, many of the “Bellydance Superstars” have been tutored by Ms. Dallal.

Tamalyn Dallal currently teaches in the New Orleans area.


Nominated by Tanya Pergola

Valerie Sheppard, a.k.a. the Sherpa of Happiness, does spiritual transformational counseling with young people and adults. She has created a signature course based on her book Happy to Be Me! and teaches a credit course called Living 101: Being Happyand Whole in  partnership with University of California, Irvine. Living 101 and 102
prepares students to be more mature and conscious adults when they graduate.

Valerie Rene Sheppard lives in San Clemente, California.


Nominated by Tanya Pergola

Julie Bach founded Wellness for Cancer to improve the quality of life for people touched by cancer. The charity focuses on minimizing the side effects on skin and body, caused by cancer therapy, as well as increasing people’s mental wellbeing during that journey. Julie is recognized for building a global bridge between medical experts and wellness
professionals, serving as a thought leader within the Global Wellness Institute with the objective of establishing evidence-based guidelines. She has provided consulting and cancer-focused training for thousands of staff members of spas, hospitals and not-for profits throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and India. Julie holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.

Julie Bach is based in Eagle, Colorado.


Nominated by Tanya Pergola

Laura’s mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion, starting with self, and to create a better understanding about loss and its accompanying grief. After her mom’s death in January of 2008, Laura began looking for ways to mend her broken heart. She quickly realized that helping others would play a significant role in her own healing journey. With a degree in Spanish and marketing from Emory University, Laura went on to
become a massage therapist, holistic health coach, and a transformational life coach. Her book The Compassion Code: How To Say the Right Thing When the Wrong ThingHappens has just been published and has quickly become a best-seller.

Laura Jack lives in Hood River, Oregon.


Nominated by Tanya Pergola

Deepak Chopra was born in New Delhi, India, in 1947. After attending the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, he eventually ended up in Boston where he began his career as a doctor. After becoming disenchanted with Western medicine, however, Chopra turned to re-discovering the traditional medicine of his ancestors. In 1995 Chopra, already a prolific book author, founded the Chopra Center for Well Being in Carlsbad, California. Deepak has masterfully taken the gems of the ancient wisdom traditions of India and integrated them into modern, scientific thought and
practices. His teachings have touched hundreds of thousands of lives and he has inspired countless teachers, healers and providers of healthy lifestyle coaching around the world.

Deepak divides his time between southern California and New York City.